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Listen to the voice of stone!
Executive Director Umeno Seiho


 I love unique stones. I don't know if it's because of my profession or because I like it.
There is a charm that cannot be expressed in words.
And when you look around, you will notice that there are many people who are fascinated by stones.


 Also in the conversation between Isamu Noguchi and Arata Isozaki
 “When I face natural stones, they start talking to me.
 When I hear their voices, I give them a little help.
 I have less opportunity to curve or polish the stones these days.”
 Reading this conversation, I can't help feeling that animism like Iwakura exists all over the world.


 The metaphor of "listen to the voice of the stone" is used when receiving guidance from the Anoshu stone craftsmen, and the stone plays a spiritual role along with traditional techniques.
On the other hand, minerals and aggregate rocks with a regular atomic arrangement are substances and resources, and they are also accessories and devices that allow time travel to the past.  


 Stones are also objects that show the relationship between rituals and celestial bodies, such as ancient ruins and Stonehenge.
There are three relationships between stones and people

① It has "memory". The stone has an invisible charm that make us feel accumulates of time.
② It is physical. Stones are heavy, large and overwhelmed, stimulating instincts including cold and hot.
③ The stone is an interface between the natural world and humans.

In modern society, we have fewer opportunities to feel nature in exchange for comfort.
We gardeners are always in close contact with nature, so even if it rains or the wind blows, we feel grace and awe in extreme heat and extreme cold, and inevitably sharpen our five senses.


 The more airtight buildings and multi-layered air conditioning,
the greater the distance from nature. Or it may be the distance from "God".
Dealing with stones is difficult, so considerable effort, danger, skill and equipment are involved.
Every time I think, "Why am I doing this?", it becomes a confrontation between "a stone that does not change" and "a self that changes by going back and forth" and "a self that feels growth".
And by feeling danger, you will know your own limits, awaken your "instincts", become conscious of "life", and realize your reverence for anima, gods, and nature.


 It is also an opportunity to interact with the voices of various lands through stones.
Through stones, encounters with people from various regions and a common language are born.
And it may be a dialogue device not only with people of the present age, but also with past predecessors and the future.


 In modern society, there are many situations where people cannot communicate with each other even though they can have a conversation with each other.
It might be a good idea to listen to the inaudible voices of the stone.
We are stone professionals and seekers through stone.